Nicola Blair-Park

Helping you reach your full potential

Hello, I’m Nicola. I take a great interest in people development and possess an innate curiosity for understanding people. How can I help you today?

My Story

My focus is on inspiring you through engaging coaching sessions, nurturing you with tailored training, and helping you grow towards your next goal. I believe in building relationships based on honesty, openness, integrity, and trust.

I excel at collaborating with individuals and offering them assistance in overcoming their perceived limitations. I strive to dismantle any obstacles that impede their progress, encourage them to step out of their comfort zone, and rejoice in their newfound confidence.

With vast experience working on both client and agency sides, ranging from SMEs to blue-chip multi-national corporations, I recognise the significance of providing an added value service to projects that face time constraints and budget limitations.

I understand that managing clients, stakeholders, their expectations, and the associated pressures can be difficult and time-consuming. Your time is limited and often not a top priority.

Well, it should be and that’s where I come in. Discover the power of self-development! When you invest in yourself, you enhance your skills and uplift your team, impress your clients, and drive your business forward. Let’s unlock your potential together!

My Values & Beliefs


For me, being true to myself is a fundamental value. It involves taking responsibility for my actions, treating others with respect, and striving to be fair in all situations. I believe in leading by example and inspiring others to do the same.


Establishing trust and fostering a strong relationship requires open communication, which involves active listening, understanding, and fulfilling commitments from both parties.


Honesty is an essential part of my character. If you are genuinely committed to making a difference, it is crucial to acknowledge your current position and identify areas for improvement. Being transparent and truthful is the best approach. Honesty eliminates confusion, provides a clear direction, and establishes expectations.

My Approach

During our discovery sessions, I aim to understand your business, your team, and your journey. We’ll discuss your past experiences, the obstacles you’ve encountered, and your achievements.

As a supportive team member, I am here to witness your ups and downs. My dedication to helping you will make you feel comfortable sharing your story with me. I am committed to being a helpful and trustworthy partner for you.

Don't Wait Any Longer. Start the change today!