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Driving change through 

People Strategy

Do you have a comprehensive strategy for managing your people that can effectively recruit, retain and develop your team, motivating them to achieve your business objectives?

Private Coaching

Discovering and identifying your goals and working with you to overcome your fears, your self-doubt and your inner critic to help you to get there

Objective Setting

Creating tailored objectives that challenge, motivate and inspire you

People Strategy

Defining your strategy and aligning your people to drive your agenda

Process Management

Auditing and inputing efficient and effective processes

People Development

Building your people through personalised development strategies

What Is Professional Development?

My focus is on helping you develop your team’s performance. I work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your goals and frustrations. I then audit your processes, team structure, and work habits to identify areas for improvement. From there, I recommend and implement efficient and effective processes and strategies that create space for your team’s development and enable you to focus on your business.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for everyone.  Individuals that want to improve in their current role, start a business or are ready for a new role.

Business owners that want to improve their own leadership style, or want to invest in their team to drive their business forward, with the right people, in the right way.

Coaching provides focused sessions that inspire, challenge, motivate and drive you to succeed.

What is The Process Like?

When a business undergoes change, it may cause some disruption. However, disruption can be exciting because it signifies that you are prepared to progress, challenge the status quo, and embrace positive change.

To begin this process, I establish a relationship with you and your team, becoming a trustworthy and impartial extension of your business.

I assess where and how changes can be implemented to improve your work processes and the roles and responsibilities of your team members, allowing you to focus on your business and its profitability.

I collaborate with your team to implement these changes by creating a comprehensive people strategy that includes customized SMART development programs, promoting inspiration, growth, and efficiency in your work, which gives your team the opportunity to reflect, evaluate, and strategise. 

“I felt confident that the team were able to adapt to this new way of working with immediate effect and without interruption which will, not only, create a more balanced work life, but ultimately drive efficiencies to enable us to work effectively for ourselves, our clients and the business.”

Mike Pye, MP&Co 

1. Discovering your business
Understanding your business strategy, how you work and where you want to get to. Discovering your fears, frustrations and aspirations
2. Getting to know your team

Your team are what makes you tick. Understanding how they work, their perceived boundaries and their ambition helps me to discover where your pressure points are

3. Auditing your people structure and ways of working
Working through your processes and the teams roles gives me an understanding of what works, what doesn’t and how and where I can implement change
4. Making recommendations
After undergoing the audit I make recommendations on how you can be more efficient and effective through your every day ways of working which will impact you, your team and people outside your organisation that you work with
5. Rolling out the Implementation
Working closely with the team ensuring they are clear and engaged the recommendations are implemented through an uninterupted and seamless roll out programme into your business

A brief introduction

About Me

Having worked in brand and content marketing within retail environments, I know what it means to handle pressure. Additionally, as a people manager for most of my career, I fully appreciate the significance of each individual in a team and in making a business successful. My passion lies in people development and in helping businesses flourish through personalised coaching plans that facilitate growth and propel the business forward.

I’ve been working together with Nicola on my professional development for over a year now. She supported me in settling into my new role as a Senior Account and Team Manager. Even though I had previous team management experience, I found myself in a new environment and wanted to make sure that I was the best manager and leader that I could be for my team and myself. Coming from a different cultural background also meant that some of my approaches may not have been well received in my current working environment and I wanted to make sure I acknowledge that. Nicola created a bespoke training programme based on my development requirements and I believe I am a much better Team Manager now thanks to our regular training sessions. We looked at my gaps in people management and tackled them one by one. I believe that education never ends and you can always know more and do better. If you think you could benefit from additional training too, Nicola is your person.


Senior Team and Account Manager


“I would highly recommend Blossom Training for any business that is serious about taking their business to the next level with someone who is as passionate about the outcome as you are.”

Mike Pye

Founder, Mike Pye + Co

“I recently sought out Nic’s coaching when I’d reached a crossroads in my career and was struggling with confidence, direction and beginning to feel the effects of a year working from home during COVID. Nic instantly built rapport and trust and was very quickly able to identify and disseminate some of my most difficult professional challenges. Helping me to rationalise my concerns and reflect on my personal needs, values and goals. She used some great techniques that I’m able to refer back to and helped to channel my energy into making some positive personal and career changes. Left every session feeling refreshed and focused. Thanks again Nic! “

Annie, project manager

“Nicola is incredibly talented, her uplifting and positive personality makes it easy to open up to. Nicola was invaluable in helping me to determine the next steps of my career, demonstrating throughout that she is a caring mentor who provides guidance and support to ensure I reached my full potential.”

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